About Canine Friendly

Our mission is to inspire generations of conscious pet guardians through innovative design and impactful actions.

Canine Friendly is a design-forward, socially and environmentally responsible Pet Accessories brand.

At Canine Friendly, we celebrate the joy that dogs bring to our lives, and believe that they deserve to be spoiled and pampered. Determined to make a positive impact, both for our furry friends and the environment, we choose not to participate in an industry that contributes significant waste, high carbon emissions, and unsustainable resource use.

Instead, we created a solution: eco-friendly products that are stylish, durable, and timeless, providing pet parents with the perfect option to make more responsible purchasing decisions.

Join us in giving plastic waste a new life and making a positive impact, one purchase at a time.

Give Plastic Waste A New Life
Our performance webbing is woven from REPREVE® recycled post-consumer plastic bottles. Every collar and leash are third party certified and can be reliably traced to where it came from.

REPREVE® is the leading, most trusted brand of recycled performance fiber. Using recycled instead of virgin polyester produces fewer carbon emissions. And giving plastic bottles a second life keeps them out of oceans and landfills.

REPREVE® Unifi, Inc
Technology You Can Trust
REPREVE® has its own traceable fingerprint, or as they call it, FiberPrint®. This clever yarn imprint means that all products made with REPREVE® need to be approved in order to receive their U trust® certification.

REPREVE® Unifi, Inc
Ethical Manufacturing
We design with intention, partnering with local manufacturers that are equally committed to our high-quality standards. All our products are designed and made in Canada. This allows us to be actively involved in the making of our products, ensuring that our manufacturers feel like true partners to our brand.
Responsible Shipping
The final step in our sustainable supply chain is the distribution. We only use eco-friendly packaging that helps us further reduce our carbon footprint. All small parcels are shipped using Pregis EverTec™ padded mailers: Durable, curbside recyclable mailers that have passed a number of field testing criteria including moisture and drop testing.

At Canine Friendly we are committed to transparency in our materials and business practices so that you can be confident in our products.

Our Core Values

We would be nowhere without the core values that help drive us and connect us with the thousands of eco-conscious pet parents out there who are looking to make a change.

Passion for our pets and the planet.

Sustainability when it comes to minimizing our impact on
the planet through thoughtful design.

Collaboration and making a difference together.

Inclusion in recognizing and celebrating the diversity of pet
guardians and their needs.

Integrity in how we behave and what we deliver.

And Growth, as we should always look to do and be better

Designed for pets, parents, and the planet.

Meet the Eco-Conscious Creator Behind Canine Friendly
Jill, a lifelong animal lover and advocate for the environment, brings her passion and design expertise to revolutionize the pet supplies industry.
With over 15 years of experience, she has seen the good and the bad in the industry and has made it her mission to provide pet guardians with products that are not only functional and stylish but also sustainable.

Disappointed by the lack of attention to quality and sustainability in the industry, she made the decision to create something better. Canine Friendly was born from her desire to provide our beloved pets with the best products without harming the planet.

With Canine Friendly, you can trust that the products you purchase for your furry friends are not only of the highest quality, but also kind to the planet. Say goodbye to fast-fashion pet products and join Jill in her mission to create a better world for both our pets and the environment.


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