Canine Friendly
is a design-forward,
socially and environmentally
responsible pet accessories brand


From sourcing to your door, we do our best to limit the impact of our products on the planet.

Made In Canada

We design with intention, partnering with local manufacturers that are equally committed to our high-quality standards. All our products are designed and made in Canada.

Built to Last

From quality materials to contemporary designs are products are made to stand the test of time.


Stylish, sustainable, and strong - shop our current collections and find your new favorite accessory!
New arrivals are added frequently, so be on the lookout for updates!

Check out these reviews from our pawsitively delighted customers!

I was excited to find a brand that not only had great products but also aligned with my values on sustainability. The vibrant pattern really stands on out my dogs dark fur.

Matt S.

Very happy with the leash and collar. There has clearly been a lot of thought in the design - I love how interesting the colours and patterns are. I've had to wash both several times because....dogs...and they have held up. Also, I have a "collar chewer" who can easily bite and destroy plastic clips and buckles on other brands' collars if I'm not quick enough to catch him and take it away - these have stood up against his efforts.

Amber C.

Love this leash and collar! The pattern looks just as good in person and you can tell it’s made from quality material. Would definitely order again.

Jenn P.

This stylish leash and collar makes it the perfect combo for walks in the park and city. We were very impressed with the quality and the fact that it is made from recycled materials. Great design, aesthetics, and quality -- this product is above par and we will be using it for as long as we can.

Mike R.
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